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Melanie Elizabeth Phillpott VanWinkle

Melanie Elizabeth Phillpott VanWinkle

  • March 20, 1978 - April 12, 2011
  • Sherman, Texas

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me carmen macey logan jobe and melonie where all on the couch having a snugfest ,as melonie called it, it dident realy have anything exiting about it bot it is a good memory of all of her children and godchidren together. <3>

Posted by: Ayla - Dallas - godauter   Feb 29, 2012

I thought i got to the point where i didnt have to cry anymore. Just think happy memories. But i cant help but feel sad that shes gone, and be disappointed, because the last time i saw her, i didnt think it would be the last time. But i will always remember her, and at the same time wish i could see her again. I couldnt imagine having any other mommy for the 10 years of my life. She was the greatest and i hope she can see me writing this note.

Posted by: Mayci - Rowlett, TX - Daughter   Aug 19, 2011

Such a beautiful and gentle soul in every way. Melanie helped me many times as I struggled through parts of this journey called life, I'm not sure she realized just how many people she touched in such positive ways. My deepest and sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones, she was an amazing woman and will be missed dearly and remembered fondly. I left the following comment on a friend's blog post written as a memorial to Melanie and

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Posted by: Jean Ryan // GrrlTragic - SJNB Canada - Blogger   May 18, 2011

I'll never forget the shoulder you were during a rough patch. I only wish I could've been a shoulder for you. May you rest in peace above and keep a watchful eye over all of us. We will miss you and always be thinking of you.

Posted by: Jason Staton - Houston, TX - Friend   May 18, 2011

Oh my dear, this world has suffered a terrible loss. I will miss your sweet smile and your beautiful heart. We will have tea together in heaven, Mrs. Nesbitt.
Love you.

Posted by: Susie - Sebastopol, CA - online friends   May 17, 2011

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